Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Aquarium Setup After 3 Months.

My New Aquarium Setup is more than 3 months old. And the results are not that encouraging.

- All fast growing plants have shown super slow growth and are almost dead.
- Slow growing plants are showing growth.
- The Lawn[Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus Tenellus)] has started spawning new daughter shoots. The Lawn is now spreading.
- Java Fern has given out lots of baby Ferns.
- Amazon Sword has grown new leaves but they are thin and slender.
- Java Moss is all dead.
- Around 30+ Swordtails/Platty babies growing.

New Additions:
- Giant Ambulia.
- Added a Internal Aquarium Filter (Not shown in pics). 

Possible Causes:
- Inconsistent Light Timings.
- Aerating Filter decreasing carbon-dioxide.
- Tube lights are now 9 months old. Most Aquarists say that tube lights should be changed every 6 months.

Changes Made:
- Light Timings: 8-13, 14-16. 17-22, every day. 
- Aerating Filter turned on overnight.
- Tube lights how changed to "Philips Trulight (Warm)" Fluorescent (Not shown in Pics).

Aquarium Full View - Without New Giant Ambulia.

Aquarium Full View - With New Giant Ambulia. at Left corner.

Java Fern has grown lots of baby ferns, on the log.

Amazon Sword with lot of slender leaves.

New Giant Ambulia.

New Giant Ambulia.

New Giant Ambulia. - Top View.

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