Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natural Planted Aquarium - The New Setup.

- New Plants Added: Java Fern and Java Moss. 

I am too bored to write anything right now. So for time being, just enjoy the pics. ;)

Day 1- A Very Cloudy Setup.

1 Week Later - Its lot better now.

Natural Planted Aquarium (Walstad Method) - Left View.

Natural Planted Aquarium (Walstad Method) - Center View.

Natural Planted Aquarium (Walstad Method) - Right View.

Natural Planted Aquarium (Walstad Method) - Angled View.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walstad Aquarium - 6 Months Later.


- Zero Maintainence Aquarium Setup - 2 months and still running.
- No water changes was performed for last 2 months. Only evaporated water was topped up.

- Decision for a Partial Tear-Down of Aquarium was taken up for the following reasons: 
  • Signs of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) toxicity was affecting the slow-growers drastically.     
  • Fine Bio-film/Brown Algae growth on aquarium glass, obstructing the view.

Walstad Setup Before Pruning - Full View.

Walstad Setup Before Pruning - Center View.
Walstad Setup Before Pruning - Right View.
Walstad Setup Before Pruning - Lawn View.

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to insert soil/nutrients in Walstad Aquarium setup?

Once you have a Walstad  Aquarium setup ready, you may face nutrient deficiency in the soil substrate. 

To add some soil/nutrients in the Walstad Aquarium substrate follow this process:

1. Mix some Red Soil and dry organic Manure in the ratio of (4:1). Note: Red Soil contains lots of Iron.

2. Add some water to bring it to dough like texture.

3. Roll half an inch diameter balls from this soil dough.

4. Dry these soil balls in the sun.

5. Now wrap each of these dried balls in newspaper/tissue. 

6. These wrapped balls can now be easily pushed into the Soil substrate in the aquarium without tearing down the aquarium.