Saturday, April 7, 2012

5-Feet Walstad Aquarium - 5 Weeks Later.

- New Fishes added after 5 weeks: Albino Corydoras Catfish - 4.
- Weekly, 10% Water Change was performed.
- Slow growing plants were transplanted in lighted area.

- Existing 20 Watt CFL was replaced by 28 Watt Tubelight. This should promote vigorous growth in Plants. Now the only limiting factor will be CO2 for plant growth.
- 1 Baby Swordtail survives and manages not to be eaten by other fishes.
- No Major pruning performed.
- Pigmy Grass has lots of new long blades. It also gave 2-3 new offspring.

Baby Swordtail - Less than 1 cm in length.

Walstad Setup - Full View.

Walstad Setup - Full View.

Walstad - Center View.

Walstad - RHS View.
Walstad Lawn.


  1. Wow, looks like it is time for me to plan a visit to Pune :)

  2. I need to visit your place first. :)